Graanul Invest adopts new automatic wood measurement system at its Latvian factories

Ngày 10-09-2018

Four Latvian wood pellet factories of Graanul Invest Group adopted the new bulk wood measurement system LoadMon, which enables measuring timber accurately and quickly, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

The globally innovative LoadMon automatic roundwood or bulk wood measurement system has been successfully used in the Group’s factory situated in Imavere for over a year already. As the unique system that creates a 3D image of timber has proven its efficiency, all the Estonian factories of the Group have successfully adopted the system.

It is a solution where measuring is carried out with sensors installed on a gate and which create a point cloud or 3D image of the load in just a few minutes. Measurement results are not dependent on the human factor and are available to the parties in the electronic system following the measurement.

Bulk wood measurement systems have already been implemented in the Latvian factories Incukalns, Launkalne, Gulbene and Jekapbils, and the plan is to also adopt the new measurement system in the remaining two Latvian factories and the factory situated in Lithuania within a year.

The system Load

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